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Our bodies have a lot to tell us, with the iTOVi scanner, you can interpret the data. iTOVi uses the latest frequency-based bioimpedance technology to better understand you.

What is bioimpedance technology?

The human body naturally emits electrical frequencies. This function allows clinical professionals to successfully determine defects at the cellular level. Because our bodies emit this bioelectricity, clinical tests such as electrocardiograph (ECG) and electroencephalograph (EEG) are successful in detecting, preventing, and understanding abnormalities.

The iTOVi wellness scanner also uses frequency based bioimpedience technology. With the same understanding that clinical professionals possess, the iTOVi founders created the iTOVi scanner to help individuals reach their optimum health and wellness levels, safely.

How does it work?

Each product featured in the iTOVi report contains natural frequencies. These frequency levels are measured and recorded in the iTOVi database. When running a scan, the iTOVi scanner checks your frequency levels and matches them with corresponding product frequencies. The iTOVi report then suggests oils, supplements, and health and wellness products that will help improve any frequency irregularities.

Using your recommended products consistently will help to improve your overall unresolved biopoint score. Essential oil users should use product for 3-4 days before running another scan. Supplement users should use product 2-4 weeks before running another scan. After completing the product regime, your unresolved biopoint score will begin to lower and you should see changes in your overall health and wellness.

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